Our companies

The VisBlue Battery is an energy storage solution using the unique “vanadium redox flow battery” technology (VRFB). The solution enables a higher utilization rate of energy generated from your renewable energy sources and store it for use around the clock. The technology enables independent scale between power and capacity making the battery robust, safe and flexible. VRFB is sustainable during its long life of more than 20 years and fully recyclable.
VisBlue is a Danish/Portuguese spinout company from Aarhus University and the University of Porto, based on a patented invention.

Enyday is a digital platform for energy communities (both private houses and housing associations). The platform enables the users to trade electricity “behind the meter” enabling a larger utilization of renewables for the benefit of a greener environment. Enyday is also the perfect dashboard for visualization of energy use with a splendid effect of bringing energy users attention towards a greener mindset.
Energy communities can increase focus on lower energy cost and increase purchase power toward the energy companies.

FENAGY A/S is focusing on manufacturing effective and competitive heat pumps and refrigeration systems with CO2 as refrigerant for district heating and industrial applications.
Our purpose is to help our customers within district heating and industrial refrigeration with a green and sustainable transition into the future of heat production and industrial refrigeration.
FENAGY’s technology is based on electric heat pumps and refrigeration systems using CO2 as refrigerant. Our systems deliver effective and robust supply of temperature and capacity adapted to customer needs. By using green electricity, we can secure production of heating and refrigeration, which is CO2 neutral.

FENAGY’s focus is on custom-made, but factory-built technology.